Postcards from the Utah desert

This week, a few photos from the iPhone and Utah’s national parks. I’m well on my way back to North Carolina, so there will be a bit of “blog lag” as I do my editing and catch up. Heck, I’m still processing some images from Israel. It’s a never ending, most joyful process. The first two images are from Capitol Reef National Park, one of the national parks that’s not quite as well known. Finding a campsite was actually easy this summer. I was only there one evening and morning and both of the following images were made in the morning, one at Hickman’s Bridge and the other on the trail leading to it. You can find some of last summer’s images from the backcountry at Captiol Reef here



This last photo was made at Bryce Canyon National Park. Oh my, what a park. It’s a place that I’ll have to go back to for several days. On this trip I only had one afternoon. This photo was also made with the iPhone and it looks more like a painting than a photograph. It was made looking directly into the light, using my hand to shield the rays and catch the light among the trees. I was quite pleased with it.


Plenty more to come. Thanks for dropping in. Did you make it to a national park this summer?


15 thoughts on “Postcards from the Utah desert

  1. The more I see of the Utah deserts through various blogs, the more I am determined to make it one of my destinations, preferably fall or spring.
    Beautiful shot of the “death orb” in the link you included.

  2. One of us did the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. Grand Canyon post is up on the blog now 🙂 These photos are amazing though Russ! The second one you’ve put up with the sepia tone over is just stunning. Wallpaper material right there.

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