Views of the Vatican

The Vatican is such a prominent part of the Roman landscape that it can be seen no matter which side of the Tiber River you stand. As I edited photos from Rome, I noticed several themes and this week it’s the Vatican and its surroundings. Hope you enjoy it, and that you all have a wonderful Christmas and Chanukkah!

A neighborhood behind the Vatican, seen from a local bus station


The Vatican from the Fiume Tevere (Tiber River), late afternoon


Women talk at a crosswalk near the Vatican


A man watches the activity in Vatican Square


A man prays beneath the large columns of Vatican Square


The Vatican as seen from a neighborhood park


The road to the Vatican


The Tiber River and the Vatican in the pre-dawn hour


The Vatican Museum Film in 3D


Visiting priests and nuns explore the Vatican


Rome from the Vatican on a hazy morning


The Vatican casts a shadow over Rome


Jesus and friends, the Vatican


The two were up to something. Hint: She doesn’t seem to actually be a nun


The Tiber River and the Vatican at dusk



17 thoughts on “Views of the Vatican

  1. What is more beautiful and simple as the man praying by the columns? Despite the grandeur of the Church and majesty of the pieces of art, nothing is more loved than the simple man praying with God. Merry Christmas

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