Street Photography…Rome

Do I ever enjoy wandering streets with a camera. My friends tend to get onto me. “You haven’t even seen the tourist sites,” they say. So begrudgingly, out of some semblance of guilt, I visit this and that, the must see places, and the whole time I wondering what I’m missing out on the streets. It’s how I get to know a city. So, regardless of what they tell you in the tourist books, this is the real city.


29 thoughts on “Street Photography…Rome

  1. So many great photos – they made me smile. I like the men waiting on the train, one with the newspaper and other on phones. The old ladies and the vendor asleep on the chair are excellent as well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have to agree with you, Russ.
    All my 1970s Europe photos are faded and yellowed………of tourist attractions. There’s no street photos at all. I’d love to go on that 9 week camping trip in central Europe again and ‘re-shoot’ every city and town. I love the images of people going about their everyday routine and the backgrounds are just as interesting.

    • I did see some tourist sites, like the catacombs, the colosseum, etc. I just enjoyed the everyday life much more. Thanks for the comments, and I hope you have a great 2015 Vicki!

  3. Boy…do I agree with you on seeing the city as it is. Though I do want to see some tourist sites, it’s got to be done slowly so that I can enjoy it. We are looking at a trip to Italy in 2016 and I want to rent rooms from locals rather than stay in hotels. Eat where they eat, buy food where they buy food…as much immersion as possible.

    I couldn’t help but notice all of the wonderful doorways in your selection of photos…with the people telling their own story. Thanks!

    • Mrs. P, you could always try booking places through You can stay with locals in their homes and if you find the right ones, who have time, you can see it through their eyes.

      On the doorways, thanks. I always like shooting doorways, but do prefer it when there are people, or something, to give them some accent.

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