The Best of NomadRuss – The 2014 Edition

There’s no better way for a photographer to review the year than to scroll through 12 months of adventures and see what stands out. Mostly, it gives me a deep sense of gratitude for all that I’ve been able to see and experience with you. I’m thankful for everyone who follows my work here and on Instagram.

2014 started in the Everglades, and then took me back to the Ladakh Himalaya, on a road trip across the American West, back to Appalachia in the fall, and then over to Europe where I visited Italy, Poland and my favorite, Vilnius, Lithuania. The images from Lithuania will start coming across in a few weeks. Just like jet lag, I always have a little bit of blog lag.  This year saw the blog go over 100,000 views since its inception, and for that I’m also grateful.

This is a brief collection of some of my personal favorite posts from the year, sometimes because of the photographs themselves, sometimes because of the story the photographs told. You can click on any photo for the full story. There’s plenty more in the archives.

I look forward to sharing 2015 with you all. And if you ever have an idea and need someone with whom to collaborate, shoot me a note and let’s talk.


25 thoughts on “The Best of NomadRuss – The 2014 Edition

  1. These are fantastic! The Ladakhi arrow. The flower in the desert (love it). And I’m from Oklahoma, so the storm is particularly delightful. But that last scene. Wow. I cannot get enough of it! I’ve been captivated by it since you first posted it. Amazing.

  2. I love the last image too, Russ, although the first image is also a favourite.

    Let’s face it, they’re all my ‘favourites’, although the images of everyday life with people going about their daily tasks are really impressive.

    Your blog has become my favourite this year as you travel through some of my Bucket List spots in the world.
    Look forward to the next post in 2015 – thanks for sharing so much of your travels.

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