The Italians….Naples

While in Italy, I had one day to travel to Naples, so I hit the streets. It’s a great way to explore a place, to see things I otherwise might not. These were one man’s impressions of a day in Naples.

A short stop at a small rail station on the train from Rome to Naples

Kids playing soccer on one of the plazas

An old clock tower built into the wal

Woman with a red scarf in front of the blue dress

Cathedral Spire

The religious icons along the streets reminded me of India

Men wearing hats

Woman selling fish at street side stand

Fish for sale

A street side shop, my favorite photograph of the day

Woman in the window

The stripped motor bike

The mannequin

The bronze polishing shop

Restaurant on the road

The vegetable stand

Hope you enjoyed it, feel free to share it, and see you next week…



12 thoughts on “The Italians….Naples

  1. 😀 Love the clock on the wall and love the chaotic “work in progress” feel in all the vendors. There is nothing neat and tidy, here.

  2. Interesting photos as always. Some many details to look at. The spire, airplane and something to the right of the spire all in the space at the same time. I have a question. How do you embed your name in the photograph. It’s like a watermark. I need to know how to do this.

  3. I like them al, but I really like the restaurant on the road photo. Did you like Naples? I would like to have spent more time there. After arriving from northern Italy it was gritty and raw. I am not sure I loved it but I think I could if given more time.

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