Ladakh – From the Archives

I’m paddling in the Everglades this week so I thought I’d put together a post for while I’m away. These are images made in the land of Ladakh, a part of the Tibetan Plateau that extends into modern day India. They were made as part of a journey with the Rupshu nomads. Here, on a brutally cold winter morning, they were changing pastors for the benefit of their livestock. It was a beautiful migration, one I’m very thankful to have joined.


36 thoughts on “Ladakh – From the Archives

  1. Wonderful images and a great reminder of how hard their lives must be in this unforgiving, hostile landscape. Not a bush or tree in sight in these photos.

    We take so much for granted in western cities and it takes images like yours to remind us how diverse and amazing other cultures and countries are.

    As always…thanks for sharing.

      • Gosh, you just reminded me, I think I have the old VHS version of Himalaya somewhere (or did I throw it out in the big ‘video’ clear-out from my shelves last year?). I can’t remember the scene at the end, only the conflict between the young & old trader as they were deciding when to attempt the snow-covered high pass).

  2. Welcome home…even on this frigid for us morning, it must be warm compared to Ladakh, I can see why they need to change patures with such barren land. Amazing that the animals survive at all…impressive too.

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