Fireflies (Lightning Bugs) in the Everglades

I’d gone out with a friend to shoot the Florida night sky during the new moon last week, when all of the sudden the forest came alive with fireflies, sometimes known in the South as lightning bugs. They were almost as numerous as the stars and at times competed with them for attention. It’s an amazing site and I was thankful to catch them. Do you have fireflies in your neck of the woods?

Jupiter lights up the night, along with lightning bugs in the Big Cypress Swamp of the Florida Everglades


Fireflies beneath the Big Dipper


Lightning Bugs mingle among the cypress trees near the Gator Hook Strand of the Big Cypress Preserve



17 thoughts on “Fireflies (Lightning Bugs) in the Everglades

    • Jhaneel, it’s grievous, if more people could stand beneath the night sky and ponder the wonder of it all, there’s no telling how much difference it could make in our lives.

  1. I’ve never seen fireflies! We have caves with glow worms in them in a national park about 100km from me, but I have yet to see them. These are beautiful shots! Thank you. 🙂

    • Thanks Jane, growing up I had no idea just how special they were, they were just normal. Unfortunately DDT in the 1970’s wiped a lot of them out. But they seem to be doing alright these days. I hear the glow worms are really special too.

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