I swear I’m not a birder

I swear I’m not a birder. It just so happens that when you live in the Everglades they are part of the rhythm of life, just like breathing. Early in the season, the magnificent frigatebirds arrive. They are like an albatross, with huge wingspans, and the ability to stay over the sea for days and even weeks at a time. While they skim some food from the waters surface, they are also adept at stealing food from other birds.

In this pair you can see the males distinct red pouch under it’s neck


A male frigatebird


A magnificent frigatebird soaring above the Everglades


Magnificent Frigatebirds soar above a rookery near Everglades City where they rest among the pelicans and cormorants


It is not until late in the season that the Swallow-tailed Kites arrive. They eat insects while flying, and snatch bugs and lizards from the tops of trees. They are quick as they scan the treetops, their tails rotating to guide their flight.

Along with the kites come warmer temperatures, bioluminescence in the waters, and a knowing that it’s almost time for me to seasonally migrate as well.

The beautiful Swallow-tailed Kite


A swallow-tailed kite skims the trees looking for bugs


In this image you can see the bug on the far right that the swallow-tailed kite is chasing


A kite in mid-dive after some food



9 thoughts on “I swear I’m not a birder

  1. It’s hard to view birds without being fascinated by the species. Since moving to Florida I have developed a special fondness for pelicans in flight and hawks, both of which we have an abundance!

    • Yes, pelicans are amazing creatures even though common. And there is something awe inspiring about watching a hawk do its hunting. Florida will make a birder out of anyone.

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