The Everglades – Skies above the Cypress

As a photographer, the editing process is a perpetual one. I started to make a post about the rising and setting moon, then decided to include more of the sky at various times of day. I hope it gives an overall impression of the feel of the Everglades and the Big Cypress Swamp. Whether a sunset after the forest was burning, a quiet evening as the full moon rose, or a sliver moon setting below the palms, this was my impression of the Everglades skies during this past season.


21 thoughts on “The Everglades – Skies above the Cypress

  1. Such a beautiful series of photos. I would have never imagined them to be part of the everglades, always had a Georgia swamp with lots of Spanish moss image. I guess when you are looking up, the perspective is always different. Thanks for sharing.

    • Mrs. P, it’s almost all mangroves in the Ten Thousand Islands, but inland, at the Big Cypress Swamp, you gets lots of bald cypress. They are beautiful creatures.

    • Seeing the eclipse the other night Yolanda is what made me think about this post with the moon. I did make some shots of the eclipse too, but haven’t done that edit yet.

  2. Awesome photos as always…especially love the startling subtly of the starry night, and the contrast between the foggy forest and the one above it with the forest on fire with the sunset. Awesome, Russ.
    Praying for you as you embark this summer as a forest ranger.

  3. Very nice to see the different light over the glades at different times of the day. All the pictures are beautiful. I was surprised by the last one – very beautiful, there is just something about the light in the pictures that is stunning.

  4. Makes me long for the Big Cypress Swamp. Your collection shows time and commitment in getting the moon phases at different locations and times of day.The starry night is stunning in that it makes me feel in awe of creation. The last one instills solitude and quiet.

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