The Everglades, The Alligator

It seems as though if you’re going to be posting from the Everglades, at some point you need to include some alligators. It’s just expected. I guess I was spoiled years ago when I was living in Papua New Guinea. We’d ride in motorized dug out canoes along the Sepik River and see 18 foot crocodiles along the banks. They’d slither into the dark brown waters and you’d hope they didn’t appear anywhere near the canoe. Paddling the Oklawaha River in central Florida, we’d see them by the hundreds. They became so normal I almost didn’t see them anymore. This past year or two I decided I’d pay a little more attention, so here’s a few from the Everglades. Have you had a memorable encounter with an alligator or a crocodile?


Mama Gator and her babies


17 thoughts on “The Everglades, The Alligator

  1. Russ, was very ‘friendly’ with crocs when I hunted, shot and skinned them in D.R.Congo, then Zaire. Got about 12 per night, between 4-5 meters, then the nasty bit of skinning began. Sold last lot – 3 1/2 tons, in Paris. Wrote about it in my book ‘Life of Brian…in Africa’ on Amazon

  2. Love the picture with mama and her babies the back:) I’ve actually never seen a grown alligator ( they don’t tend to live in the northern areas that I love) so you are lucky to have seen so many. I have only seen a couple of small ones when we went into the Amazon for a few days from Manaus:)

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