Ibis, Ibises, or Ibes?

The ibis, also known as the Chokoloskee Chicken, is another ubiquitous Everglades bird. I know, I say that about all of them, but this bird has made a good comeback and be found all over the Southern United States.  It’s known as the Chokoloskee Chicken because the Everglades locals were known to add them to the menu at the supper table.

The real question is what do you call more than one of them? If you use ibis as plural, it’s good. You can also say ibises, but also ibides, or ibes. So without further adieu, here are some photos of ibis (plural).

White ibis (and a heron and turkey vulture)

A juvenile white ibis. They’re brown for their first year and eventually turn all white


An ibis flies into the evening sun…


Ibis flying at days’ last light


These are glossy ibis, they’re dark and shiny

Some think the ibis is related to the curlew, but it’s not. It’s long beak allows it to reach deep into the muck at low tide and pull out crabs, shrimp, fish and other crustaceans.

White Ibis


Here Ibis roost in Chokoloskee Bay in the Everglades, along with next weeks bird, the Roseate Spoonbill



12 thoughts on “Ibis, Ibises, or Ibes?

  1. They get a bad reputation here around Brisbane because of their tendency to eat from rubbish bins in public places and annoy people eating lunch but that’s not their fault of course! I find Ibis really interesting birds. I love how they have adapted to living in our urban environments and it cheers me to see them in my local park. I’ve often wondered about the plural for them so enjoyed your title. As usual your images are beautiful. Thanks for sharing a post about a bird I often find myself defending! 🙂

  2. hi Russ, just get back to US 10 days ago, get chance to open your web.. nice shots and inspiring you captured the inner beauty of human race, nature, the creation of GOD, the stillness and calmness of surroundings, perfect solitude. what a beauty AMAZING almighty our LORD is…. HE is perfect and I see in your work ….. HIS work, Amen

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