Storms leaving rainbows in their wake…

So here’s how it goes, you’re sitting in town in a small cafe when a huge thunderstorm rolls overhead. There’s that moment of question. The sky is so dark could any light from the setting sun possibly break through? It seems highly unlikely. With just another half hour at the computer you could actually get this week’s post completed. But what if? So you decide to drive into the rain, there’s still a few lightning bolts popping in the distance. The storm seems to have cruised far towards the east. The sky’s dark, perhaps I should have stayed in. Suddenly, mysteriously, right as the sun reaches the horizon back behind, to the east, it clears enough for the sun to lighten the darkened clouds and to illuminate the rain still hanging in the air. My soul exalts and ponders the creative hand hidden in the shadows, yet so plain to see. The evidence is everywhere.

Each place that I’ve called home has its fresh uniqueness. One of the things I’ve come to love about Yellowstone is that is has frequent afternoon thunderstorms. For this one to move through right at sunset was special. The storms come and then clear quickly, leaving rainbows in their wake…


15 thoughts on “Storms leaving rainbows in their wake…

  1. More beautiful Yellowstone/Teton pictures. Thanks so much for sharing. Being older and with a limited income (retired), I can’t afford to get out much at all anymore. I do so appreciate seeing your pictures and knowing that these places still exist. Yellowstone is absolutely one of my very top places and I’ve been there twice, but the last time was 1974. Would love to be there, but … your pictures for sure help. Again, thanks. randy

  2. Dear Russ: I appreciate your comment above. There is so much beauty still in existence, even though “man” is in the process of really messing up quite a few places. One thing though, all of this beauty does point me in the direction of believing in a Grand Creator. Those who don’t believe in a God and that this “stuff” happens by coincidence has a much stronger faith than I do. I do believe that there is a God who made all of this and made the “rules” about how, where, and when these things happen. It’s all still awesome to me. Thanks so much for sharing your photos and yourself the way you do. randy

  3. That third one is so incredibly full of light! Oh my. I look forward to each Yellowstone post, partly for your incredible gifting in capturing the moments and partly because they remind me so vividly of when we lived in Montana just north of you, in the foothills of Bozeman. It was a sweet time in our lives, a time of preparation for all that God had for us afterwards. Thanks, on many levels.

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