Idaho Fires, Yellowstone Skies

It’s been a smoky week in Yellowstone, what with the fires burning across Idaho and the winds blowing towards the east. While it dulled much of the light during the day, at dusk the red orb filled the horizon with hues normally unseen.

The sun sets over Porcelain Basin at Norris in Yellowstone National Park

The sun sets into the smoke of Idaho fires in the Norris Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park

The North Fork of the Shoshone River near Wapiti, Wyoming


16 thoughts on “Idaho Fires, Yellowstone Skies

  1. They are beautiful. I was able to get similar images a few years back due to Wildfires in California. Sort of bittersweet. You love the beauty of the image with the orange glow but you can smell the smoke around you and reality sets in that homes were destroyed, lives were lost and people were displaced. You take a moment to reflect on the firefighters out there fighting for you and gratefully marvel as companies from the east show up to lend a hand. They to became part of your photography collection as they head in to rest, meet at command central or even as they wash their trucks at the local self serve car wash. But when the boot comes along you gladly thrown in a contribution.

    • Personally I’m glad to know that we allow more fires to burn naturally and await nature to cause it to subside. Certainly protect life and property, but outside of that allowing a forest to burn is natural and healthy. And yes, sad to hear of three fire fighters who recently lost their lives.

      • I do see and understand your point in regards to the natural act of fires in nature. If only we could avoid loss of life. It also goes that people need to limit inhabiting some parts of nature, in my opinion.

    • There’s a new one in Yellowstone today, lightning caused, and it’s between two arms of a lake and between old burns. We’re going to let it play out its ecological role and burn naturally. I was glad to hear it.

  2. Hi. I love your photos and the lighting on the Shoshone River one is gorgeous. Yellowstone’s a long way from the “United” Kingdom but I have a couple of DVDs about Yellowstone that astound me each time I watch them, and I’ve reviewed the BBC one on a review site. There’s a lovely and moving quotation by one of the sound recordists, Mike Kasic,who loves to swim the waters: “I need this land of wilderness for my heart to beat,” he declares.

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