Behind Blue Doors… Western Nepal

This is the final post from this past Spring’s exploration of Western Nepal. I’ll tell the story in the captions of the photos. Hope you enjoy it.

Behind Blue Doors

As we began to wind our way up into the mountains from Dhangadhi, we stopped at a couple of small tea stands along the way. I always enjoy these stops as a chance to interact with people and look for images that convey a sense of place.

As we traveled along the Terai, the plains abutting the foothills of the Himalaya, village life is lived much as it has been for centuries.

Soon it would be time to make the crossing into the mountains…

Our first look from on high into the valleys we would trek…

It was a continuing marvel to follow meandering pathways into the valleys below. We passed by village scenes little changed from centuries ago.

There’s always time to stop and photograph a blue door, and a baby goat.

After dropping a couple thousand feet we reached the villages where we would hold a medical camp for those too far away from big city hospitals, or without the financial resources to get there.

Women at this house were busy with an early season harvest.

A local woman from the village of Haat.

One evening we were present for a local village wedding. The wedding procession was complete with bagpipes and much, shall we say, merry making.

The groom rides a horse through the village and receives a congratulatory phone call on his cell phone.

The after effects of many such parties.

And there is, a look behind the blues doors of Western Nepal. Until next time Nepal…


17 thoughts on “Behind Blue Doors… Western Nepal

  1. Wow…these are beautiful! Some fabulous shots of the mountains…and a wedding to boot! Wouldn’t want to be the clean up crew on that party. I am glad to hear the follow up of the medical expeditions over there…and of course your photo documentary! 😀

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