Finding Fall in Yellowstone

It was time to find Fall in Yellowstone. I kept heading to the Tetons as the abundance of deciduous trees made for a natural setting to observe the changing seasons. One day I decided to see what I could find in Yellowstone. I found one cottonwood tree along Slough Creek, and several others along the Lamar Valley.

RBT_9665 RBT_9709

While we naturally associate Fall with the changing colors of the leaves, it’s the golden grasses, and the bison in abundance that came to symbolize a Yellowstone Autumn for me.

RBT_9836 RBT_9974

What most symbolizes the Fall where you are?


9 thoughts on “Finding Fall in Yellowstone

  1. Wow, gorgeous shots! I’m jealous that you saw so many buffalo. I wasn’t so lucky when I was there, but then again, like you, I spent most of my time in the Tetons instead, where I did see a black bear and more!

    • Jessica, thanks for writing, glad you got to see that black bear. Yeah, when you do catch a group of bison it’s really special. There’s a connection you feel with the ancient there.

  2. These are some gorgeous pictures Russ. I especially love the ones of the bison. I loved seeing bison in South Dakota. It felt good to see them roaming freely as they should be in the wild. When are you leaving? Hope to see a few snow shots before you leave for Flordia.

  3. Russ, I love your nature and cultural-type pictures. Thanks for sharing. You help encourage me, esp. since seems like I’ve gotta settle for being an “armchair traveler.” randy

  4. Wow! Lovely capture of the beautiful place of Yellowstone. The onset of the fall season gives a picturesque look to the place. The pictures of the Bison were a treat to the eyes. Thanks a lot sharing this wonderful post.

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