NomadRuss – the best of 2015 – the iPhone edition – International

Made on a trip to Nepal, through Hong Kong, these images were created in the spring of 2015 using the iPhone.

IMG_0154IMG_4841 copyIMG_5273 copyIMG_5439 copyIMG_5442 copyIMG_5444 copyIMG_5447 copyIMG_5449 copyIMG_5504 copyIMG_5605 copy


14 thoughts on “NomadRuss – the best of 2015 – the iPhone edition – International

    • Thanks Vicki, I don’t always pick out a favorite either. Sometimes I just like the feeling of the whole. I did like editing the lady with the umbrella, and the Nepali guy with the hat, with the mountains behind him, makes me feel like it sums up the essence of the place.

  1. Love the men slipping out of their sandals, something I do often. 馃榾 And wonderful texture with the shale rooftops. Tell me about the image of the chamo guy in all the greenery…and what appears to be water in the foreground.

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