NomadRuss – the best of 2015 – the iPhone edition – Yellowstone

This past summer working as a park ranger in Yellowstone may have just been the best in my life. This is a small glimpse into all that I was able to experience this past season. These were all made on the iPhone 6. If you enjoy them then stick around, I’ll be back next season in Yellowstone for the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary season. I can’t wait…


23 thoughts on “NomadRuss – the best of 2015 – the iPhone edition – Yellowstone

  1. That’s awesome you get to go back next summer! Can’t wait to see what God shows you there with more familiarity with the place…

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  2. Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking!
    Park Ranger is my dream job, ever since I came to the USA. However, chances are slim to none that I’ll ever succeed having that kind of job.
    Pictures and blogs like yours are – then – even more appealing. 🙂

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