Flight over the Everglades

There is a beauty to seeing the Everglades from the air that is unparalleled. After paddling through the Everglades for years by canoe I found it remarkable that from the air it looks exactly like it does on the chart, only you never see that from water level. It was mesmerizing to fly over so many of the places I’ve paddled, and to see the far interior that we don’t get to, even by canoe. I gained a new appreciation for the wildness of it all. So without further adieu, the Florida Everglades from above.


The North Carolina Outward Bound School at the mouth of the Barron River


White Pelicans on the spit of Indian Key


Pavilion Key


White Pelicans near Charlie Creek


White Pelicans deep in the interior of the Everglades


Egrets among the mangroves


Roseate Spoonbills near the mouth of the Broad River


A dramatic sky over the Gulf of Mexico


Everglades National Park and Ten Thousand Islands


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