Looking Back…Ladakh

Before continuing forward for the year, I thought I’d clear out the last of the Ladakh images (until I get there again). This is a fairly random collection, and doesn’t necessarily tell a coherent story, just parts that make up the whole. The captions will help tell the story. For the entire gallery please visit nomadruss.com and click on The Ladakh Himalaya.

Library - 6466

Two young girls laugh with each other while standing on frozen Tso Kar Lake on Ladakh’s Changtang plateau, which sits at just under 15,000 ft. This was on a cold February afternoon. 

Library - 6765

A woman milks a female yak (a dre) on Ladakh’s Changtang plateau


This woman was part of a road construction crew just outside of Leh, Ladakh


These women were taking a break from working in the fields near Lamayuru, Ladakh


This woman was practicing for a dance festival in the capital of Leh, Ladakh


I use all natural light, and the late morning light filtering through the windows of this house was perfect.


A monk beats a drum while a pilgrim walks past


A masked dance festival at a remote monastery in Ladakh


The town of Korzok, on Ladakh’s Changtang plateau is one of the earth highest villages


Monks blow into conch shells to call the monastery to morning rituals, Thicksey, Ladakh


Morning puja begins, Thicksey, Ladakh


16 thoughts on “Looking Back…Ladakh

  1. Russ, you have some brilliant photos. I love the picture of the woman practicing for the dance. That expression is beautiful. And the two boys below it are awesome as well. Great shots.

    What time of year did you visit?

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