The Everglades in Two Views (con’t)

Another extensive look at the variety of life in the Everglades this week. I want to put the viewer in the scene with me. I want you to experience what I’m seeing through my lens as if though you were there. Join me in the Everglades.

Two views of birds hunting ( A tricolored heron in breeding plumage and a blue heron)RBT_0001


Two views of a raccoon (swimming and feeding among the mangroves)RBT_0003


Two views of trees (red and white mangroves, and bald cypress)RBT_0005


Two views of birds hunting (an osprey and an anhinga)RBT_0007


Two views of shore grasses (and a blackbird)RBT_0009


Two views of the gawky wood storkRBT_0011


Two views of flora and faunaRBT_0013


Two views of a white egretRBT_0015


Two views of lesser seen birds (a night heron and a baby blue heron)RBT_0017


Two views of rarer sightings (a rabbit on Pavilion Key, a stingray awaiting the tide to return)RBT_0019


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