Yellowstone in Two Views

Continuing with the theme of “in two views,” I’m going to look back for the next few posts at the last season in Yellowstone. I will have soon cleaned off the hard drive and will tell all new stories. Hope you’ll stay with me as the journey continues…

Two views of a solitary bison


Lamar Valley


Hayden Valley

Two views of Spouter Geyser in Biscuit BasinRBT_0003RBT_0004

Two views of coyote pupsRBT_0005RBT_0006

Two views of Midway Geyser Basin


Turquoise Pool, Midway Geyser Basin


Grand Prismatic Spring

Two views of the less-marketed animals


Weasel, Lamar Valley


Rabbit, Norris Geyser Basin

Two views of the Firehole River in the Upper Geyser BasinRBT_0011RBT_0012


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