Rainbow bison, sapphire moose

Yellowstone in Two Views (part 2). Today’s look at two views of Yellowstone includes rainbows, a bison, incredible sunrises, moose, sapphire pools, coyotes and bighorn sheep.

Two views of a rainbow near Biscuit BasinRBT_6661RBT_6669Two views of coyotes blending into the landscape RBT_1224RBT_9927Two views of first light in the Upper Geyser BasinRBT_0703RBT_0722Two views of bighorn sheep near MammothRBT_3565RBT_3733Two views of Sapphire SpringRBT_4931RBT_6690Two views of moose in the TetonsRBT_8985RBT_9041


14 thoughts on “Rainbow bison, sapphire moose

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