Florida in Two Views

Florida is so much more than beaches and condos. Once you explore the interior, you begin to see the alluring nature of its peaceful rivers and fresh water springs. It truly is “the real Florida.” Hope you enjoy these views from around the state.

Two views along the Peace RiverRBT_3023RBT_3000

Two views of freshwater springs (Juniper and Manatee) RBT_3352RBT_6094

Two views of vehicles in the Florida interiorRBT_5417RBT_7105

Two views of life in the mangrovesRBT_7640RBT_7672

Two views of Manatees at Mantee SpringsRBT_5444RBT_6016


15 thoughts on “Florida in Two Views

  1. I’m not a beach guy myself. In fact, moreso the swampy parts of S. Georgia and N. Florida appeal to me. They’re a little more out of the way and a little less conventionally beautiful, but all that really works together to keep them preserved, unique places to visit, and especially to paddle.
    Your photos are phenomenal as usual, Russ.

    • Appreciate the kind words. I have always loved the interior of Florida. And when it’s buggy I simply remember the words of Edward Abbey, mosquitoes are the last defenders of the American wilderness.

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