Florida in Two Views (con’t)

As I begin the road trip west I’m finishing the edit of my season in Florida. I’m continually amazed at how much beauty lies along the backroads and the rivers of the interior. There is no question that is where the primordial magic of Florida still resides.

Two views of the night sky along the Blackwater River in the Florida panhandleRBT_6703RBT_6736

Two views of alligators  (and one very concerned squirrel)RBT_7707RBT_7700

Two views of springs along the Santa Fe River (Dogwood and Ginnie)RBT_7135RBT_7138

Two views in detail (raccoon prints and a mangrove leaf)RBT_3193RBT_7669

Two view of the sometimes awkward and sometimes elegant brown pelicanRBT_8095RBT_8094


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