Everglades – The Season Finale

This is it, the final post from the Everglades for the season. What a rich place the Everglades ecosystem is. I hope that we will continue to do all possible to restore it. I have spent some memorable days there and always look forward to a return. RBT_9039RBT_9038

This is from a roosting area, that turns into a rookery in late spring/early summer.I’ll always enjoy the awkwardly graceful landing of pelicans, and even as I write I can hear their squawking. RBT_9177RBT_8653RBT_8919

I would often sit quietly in the canoe just taking in the scene as last light drew near. RBT_9167RBT_9145RBT_9178RBT_9186

The sun sets on another season in the Everglades…RBT_9239


12 thoughts on “Everglades – The Season Finale

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