The Great Egret

The Great Egret is one of the more common birds in the Everglades ecosystem. Because of its ubiquity it can tend towards being overlooked. With only about a week left in the season I decided to turn my lens towards it as I had towards its flashier cousins like the roseate spoonbill. It was the very beginning of nesting season so they are beginning to show breeding plumage, build nests and joust for territory. I began to realize how much beauty there was in what once seemed common. I see a metaphor.

I watched them fighting over territory and announcing loudly their arrival, and perhaps displeasure to other species.


It’s the beginning of nesting season and I was thrilled to catch a glimpse of the process. RBT_9107RBT_9030

And they were very enjoyable to watch in various stages of flight. I also noticed details such as the green top of the beak towards the eyes, something I’d overlooked before. RBT_8907RBT_8857RBT_8766RBT_9129

Watchful, like sentinels, they are utterly beautiful. RBT_9128RBT_9127RBT_9002


18 thoughts on “The Great Egret

  1. “Their flashier cousin, the roseate spoonbill” ?? Are you getting all nerdy or ornithologist on us, Nomad? Cool pics, though…


  2. Stunning images, especially in the latter stages of the sun going down giving them that golden glow.
    Do they always face the sun as it goes down or is that just coincidence they are (mostly) facing the same way in the last image?

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