Mount Rushmore

The only photos I’d seen of Mount Rushmore were the faces up close. I had never seen the mountain from which they were carved. I wanted to make a photograph from a different perspective. In order to set the scene, I’ve also included images along the way as I traveled through Nebraska and the Oglala Grasslands.


Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, the only National Parkland in Nebraska. Around those two hills hundreds of dinosaur bones were found. 


Nebraska doing its best Utah impression


The road across Oglala National Grassland


Abandoned building in South Dakota


A cat stretches as it awakens in the abandoned building


South Dakota sheep


Provo, South Dakota. Where old cars go to die


Old cars in Provo, South Dakota


The Crazy Horse Monument is going to be enormous


Mount Rushmore


The light was terrible, so I watched tourist for a long while waiting for it to change


Finally at sunset I made the image I wanted, showing the mountain in which the faces are carved


16 thoughts on “Mount Rushmore

  1. I saw this when I was 10 years old as part of our family road trip from CA to IA and I still remember the immensity of that mountain! Then last year I watched a documentary on the making of it, pretty incredible! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. Beautiful images. i have yet to visit Mount Rushmore…one day. I happen to be a fan of old abandoned buildings…love the lath and plaster!

  3. Fabulous set! We finally made it to Mount Rushmore on one of our cross-country drives and I am so glad we did. It’s amazing to see. Your last image is especially stunning, Russ.

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