The Bear Fight… Yellowstone

When we left off last week, the blond faced bear was just appearing on the scene. No sooner had Scarface turned towards him and he was gone. Both bears disappeared for a bit. rbt_9637rbt_9642rbt_9650rbt_9652

While there bears were away, the ravens came in for a bite or two. rbt_9665





The fight began.rbt_9704rbt_9705rbt_9707

It didn’t last long. Afterwards, Scarface threw a paw over the carcass as if saying, this is mine, all mine. rbt_9719rbt_9723rbt_9725

The loser bear dejectedly walks up the riverside. rbt_9730rbt_9735rbt_9781

Truly, this was the most amazing wildlife encounter I’d witnessed all season. I was thankful for the unseen hand that guided me there that day.


15 thoughts on “The Bear Fight… Yellowstone

  1. Wow! Amazing shots of the bears. Larry and I can’t even imagine how incredible that must have been to be able to witness that. The other night before a performance of “The Last Ship”, I shared your blog with your photos of the bears with my fellow musicians. They were all so amazed…there were lots of “incredible and wow” comments as they viewed your photos as well. Thanks again for sharing Yellowstone with us.

    • Yes, I stated in the comments that it was not the Scarface that was shot and killed. But we did call this one Scarface while we were out there photographing, just look at that bear’s face and you’ll see why.

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