September Snow

The first snow came early this year. I was able to get out for an evening and a morning and was fortunate to catch a number of animals who seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did.


















44 thoughts on “September Snow

  1. Hi Russ, reminds me of the saying that there are only three season in Yellowstone July, August and Winter. We were kayaking on Lewis and Shoshone lakes over Labor day and it did feel more like early October than early September. Thanks for sharing the photos and maybe it will be a big winter in Yellowstone this year?

  2. I often wonder how many images were shot that don’t make the final display. The beauty is endless and every angle or a few steps farther along reveals another gem. Do you filter out B-list images and just don’t shoot them, or do you snap away a zillion times and then spend time carving away until the finished treasures are revealed? Really appreciate being able to experience all the wonder through others’ lenses. Thank you.

    • I believe I shot 310 frames and edited it down to these. Every camera has a limited number of shutter releases so I don’t just fire away, but certainly shoot more frames than when I used film. As Nat Geo photographer Vince Musi once told me. “I have hard drives full of junk.” Editing is a key part of the process.

  3. Beautiful photos Russ. It looks so peaceful. We wish we were there. There is just something about Yellowstone that is so magical. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  4. Great photos! I am wondering if the animals were enjoying it or were doubling down in feeding frenzy’s because they knew it would only get deeper and colder.

  5. Never knew winter comes so early in Yellowstone or is it just this year? I think weather scientists said there would be snow issues all over northern America. But the pictures are amazingly gorgeous! Hope I could take the same beautiful pictures some day.

    • It’s not unusual to have an early snow, this lasted only a day. But it has snowed the past two days as well and last year it didn’t start until November. The Farmers Almanac forecasted a snowy start to the winter but normal mid-late winter. We’ll see. I’m going to try and stay out West for it this year.

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