Bison in Morning mist

As the morning temperatures lower towards freezing and the mist enshrouds the meadows of Yellowstone the bison appear in both a primeval and ethereal state. I am utterly captivated by their movement and their bellowing as they move across the meadows. These images were all made in the pre-dawn and early dawn hours.


Bison in the pre-dawn hours along the road to Fountain Flats

rbt_2143 Bison in the pink light of dawn


Bison migrating


A bison family


A bull bison


Bison at morning’s first blush


A bison feeds along Nez Perce Creek


Bison crossing the Nez Perce Creek


A baby bison wanders among the thermal features


Bison passing through trees and meadows


Bison in meadows near the Firehole River


17 thoughts on “Bison in Morning mist

  1. You create art through your photography and these are beautiful. I create with paper, stamps and ink … as a scrapbooker and amateur photographer its easy to see how these two mediums complement each other. Love your work.

  2. That video is so cool!! The critters crossing in the dark…..reminded me that we had that the other night with three moose. Thankfully we were going slow and were able to stop in time. Adrenaline was pumping as we realized how close a call that was and how close they were as we waited for them to finish checking us out before they went on their way!

    • Yes, on another night a herd of around 40 of these bison crossed the road beneath a new moon, right after braking for 3 elk several miles earlier. You must go slow at night, far too many animals are killed on Yellowstone roads each season, and much of that could be avoided with slower speeds.

      Thanks for the kind words on the video!

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