Autumn at Oxbow Bend

Oxbow Bend is one of the photographic icons of the Jackson Hole area. While Fall is wonderful at it’s peak, I actually find joy in looking for those moments post-peak where the color is even more intense, and some trees already appear like bones. These were my favorite images made throughout Autumn.








35 thoughts on “Autumn at Oxbow Bend

  1. Russ…spectacular! Love them all, but the last one, with it’s ribbon of low-lying clouds is awesome for its contrasts as is the third for its surreal-ness and palette of colors. Amazing shots, Russ.

    …in His service,

    Melinda Erickson


  2. Russ, beautiful capture of light, color and lines. I agree that a little bit post peak with the beautiful lines of bare trees is a fun time for photograph. I also enjoy the beginning of color change when the colors are contrasted with lots of green. Color really stands out then.

  3. These photos are stunningly gorgeous. I am so priviledged to be looking at them! There’s a reason why Jackson Hole is full of very wealthy people. Social commentary aside, I was so struck by the Lord’s creation … the juxtaposition of that incredibly blue sky with the striking mountains, the intensity of the color of fall leaves, the perfect stillness of the water, and in some, the low layer of clouds. So glad you were there to capture these images, and so grateful to the Lord who created them.

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