American Bison

The bison is surely one of the most iconic of North American animals. So much so, that it was declared the national mammal this past year. When you watch bison, you are certainly transported back to ancient days. They can be docile, they can powerful, and they can dominate the landscape. These images were made during the summer in Yellowstone. rbt_5444-edit





















22 thoughts on “American Bison

    • Apparently they were such an importance to the ecosystem of the great plains. The buffalo wallows held rain water and were a temporary watering hole for animals, and a place for tadpoles to grow. The water from the wallows seeped back into the underground water table. And that’s just the beginning…

      • Yes, they were an incredible and essential asset to the health of the prairie — at the time (pre-1800s), the largest continuous ecosystem in the world. Unlike cattle that are incredibly ill-suited to the landscape, bison are able to withstand below-freezing to 115+ temps and keep the grasses healthy through grazing, roaming, wallowing, and roaming incredible distances. These are beautiful photos (as always!) but I can’t look at them without heartbreak — the largest mass-slaughter of mammals in the history of the world. They were easy to kill because they’ll only run away if they see where danger is coming from. So, the long-range buffalo guns that could be fired from trains were the weapon of devastation. I hope the efforts to maintain healthy herds (apparently, most American bison carry a disease related to cattle, even if latent) and reintroduce them in new areas is successful. Thanks for sharing, Russ.

  1. Wow… Amazing photos. Great that they have plenty of wilderness space 🙂
    We have got their brothers here in Europe, the European bisons. They majority live in The Białowieża Forest (UNESCO World Heritage site) on the border between Poland and Belarus. There are also some in the northwestern Caucasus (Caucasus Mountains in Eastern Europe) which are called Caucasian wisent.

  2. Awesome! Loving them all, especially the reflections, the lone bison shots…the third one I almost missed the two bison’s reflections in the water with the trees AND the bison themselves. Smile. Old, I guess. Or maybe just a great shot!

    …in His service,

    Melinda E


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