Yellowstone Birds, Foggy Mornings

Late in the summer, I spent a few mornings near Alum Creek in Yellowstone’s Hayden Valley. I was there looking for wolves. Behind these images they are there. Not in sight, as the fog was obscuring, but in sound. Yaps and howls in the distance alone made the morning magical. While I was there, I turned my attention towards what I could see, the birds. Some of the finest mornings of the entire season were found in watching them emerge from the fog as the wolves howled in the distance. rbt_5964









27 thoughts on “Yellowstone Birds, Foggy Mornings

  1. These are beautiful – and a wonderful inspiration for me. I love the foggy mornings of fall and spring when the air and water temperatures are so different. Now I have another reason to look forward to spring. I so often have seen similar scenes in my Michigan neighborhood but didn’t think they would work. Thanks for helping expand my understanding of what makes for an outstanding image.

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