So the sun sets on 2016

A few favorite sunsets from the summer of 2016, Yellowstone…rbt_6299-edit





24 thoughts on “So the sun sets on 2016

  1. I think we all love a good sunset, but some people (like yourself) seem to be able to capture it so well in a photo. They’re not necessarily the easiest subject to get just right. I found, (once), the best thing was to shoot every couple of minutes over about 15-20 minutes, to capture the magic. One minute its there, next minute its gone. If you wait around hoping to pick that magic moment when its at its best, you can easily miss it.

  2. Russ, gorgeous as always. I always love opening up your blog posts and looking at your incredible photos. Thank you for the gift! Happy Holidays and all the best for a wonderful 2017! 🙂 Looking forward as always to more of your blog posts.

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