nomadruss 2016 – the 9 best

It could have been the mood I was in. On another evening I might have picked several different photographs from the year. These were the ones I considered my favorites from 2016. For me it’s probably about more than the photographs themselves. It might have been the chill of the morning, or a moment of solitude, or a moment of exaltation that went along with making the photograph. All of these moments stayed with me. 


1 Autumn in the Tetons


2 Passing Storm, North Dakota


3 White Sands, New Mexico


4 The Florida Everglades


5 Yellowstone Sunset


6 Bison Migration


7 Bear Fight


8 Coyote in First Snow


9 Wild Turkey


36 thoughts on “nomadruss 2016 – the 9 best

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  2. Beautiful choices, Russ. I really enjoyed the short narrative with these photos. Maybe you will do this more often – a short narrative and top photos from a location?

  3. All of these images are stunning, but as you say, sometimes its more about the emotions you experienced on those days. The Solitude. The early morning chill in the air.

    I don’t think I’ve seen the last shot of the wild turkey on your blog before. Great moment capturing the backlit turkey feathers. But my favourites have to be the ones that have a simple composition and subject matter like the North Dakota and New Mexico images.

    Hmm, but then there’s the Autumn Leaves image too. Let’s face I think all your followers will love all the images in this post.

    My own favourites I’ve photographed have been few and far between in the last year or so, but getting up close to birds and capturing some sunset colour is all about the magic and awe of the colours and the intimacy of birds allowing me to get up close – rare shots as they are.

  4. Love this Russ. I still think my favorite is your series in the bison. Such amazing photos! I of course love all your sensational landscape shots as well. So many incredible ones! Looking forward to more in 2017!

  5. I opened this post with the intention to choosing my favourite of the top 9 you posted.

    I truly couldn’t decide! All are a work of art and cannot believe how amazing 2016 has been for you.

    It fills me with excitement to see what 2017 has to offer.

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