Black Bears, Mt Washburn

Traveling across the slopes of Mt Washburn in the heart of Yellowstone I ran across a mama bear and her two cubs. Mama was climbing trees in search of those ever so tasty pine cones. She was in the high branches, tossing the cones to the ground, where her little ones were eagerly awaiting their meals. For a while you could hardly see her through the branches. As she began to descend I was able to train my lens on her, and as she descended one of her cubs began to climb. The highlight of those few moments for me, was later watching the cubs briefly engage in some playful banter in the snow.






29 thoughts on “Black Bears, Mt Washburn

    • One of the best things about photography is the time I get to spend with animals. With a camera I tend to stay with them, or wait for them, much longer than I otherwise would.

    • I was about 75 yards away. That was shot with a 200-500mm lens. The cubs shot I cropped in a lot. I generally don’t crop at all, but I wanted to get in to these little ones. Mama knew. I didn’t include the shot of her staring at the gathered photographers.

      • I get really nervous around mama animals and their babies. But you had a little advantage in numbers. And I also understand how the brain thinks a photograph is more important than the danger. I get hassled about getting too close to alligators.

      • Well, I was out there working as a park ranger, so I did pretty good in terms of staying the requisite distance away. I pretty much had too. That didn’t always make it easier though.

      • Oh, that’s what I meant. I wasn’t in that role during this shoot. But having the mind of a ranger, I’m still cognizant of being a role model even when not in uniform.

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