Her beauty could slay…

White Dome has the unfortunate circumstance of living in the shadow of Great Fountain Geyser. Great Fountain is a truly impressive geyser and draws crowds any time it looks as though it might erupt, especially near sunset. Just down the road, a very short distance, is White Dome. Its eruptions are not quite so impressive, but considerably more frequent. rbt_6855-edit-2

This past season I decided to pay a little more attention to the little cousin, the Maple Fire in the distance giving occasional accent to the skies behind it. rbt_6993-edit

She is full of moods and as dramatic as any sky above her. rbt_1250-edit

And even lends her charms to the night sky. rbt_0123-edit

She is fashionable, and can match any colorrbt_1274-edit

She knows when to be silent and allow the sky to be the main attraction. rbt_1893-edit

or to simply allow it to adorn her….rbt_2560-edit

Towards those who finally take note of her, her beauty will slay…


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