The Canyon

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is probably the most visited geography of the park after Old Faithful. Crowds swell during the day. This past summer I took time to visit the canyon, mostly on the edges of the day when it was still, and silent. Sometimes a little too silent, eerily so, hoping I’d hear the paw steps of any approaching animal. I was rewarded during those times, the sun rising over the rim breaking through the bitter cold of the night, the starry host above or the low angle of the early morning sun revealing colors hidden in stone. rbt_7239-edit






18 thoughts on “The Canyon

  1. Wonderful! Yellowstone is one of those places that feels charged with some kind of beautiful, sacred energy. Whether it’s lay lines or the Force or God’s blessing or just my imagination, your pictures capture that feeling for me.

  2. Amazing images! Your shots present the area in a whole different way and change the atmosphere to an air of peace and calm. I especially love the starry photo at the bottom!

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