The Ichetucknee

The Ichetucknee, a name possibly derived from the Creek Indians ue-cutoknē  meaning “lumpy water” or translated as “where there is a pond of water,” is one of the most enchanting waterways in all of Florida.

When I paddle on these spellbinding waters, I’m often torn between the thought of the beauty I’m currently witnessing with what it must have been like in the 1600’s, years before the cypress were logged and water quality dampened by runoff. Still, there is enough beauty to make one’s soul wonder. May it always be.

This river was discovered by students at the University of Florida in the 1960’s and there was much nakedness and general revelry, and remnants of that surely continue. It’s a popular destination for tubers, who float the several miles to the parks southern end.

I came in the early springtime, February of 2017, to enjoy the nature without the crowds. Over a couple of mornings I documented the river in it’s most natural state and for large stretches in solitude, the way I imagine places like this must be experienced to know them at a reflective pace. The river is clear for its entire six miles towards the Santa Fe River, grasses gracefully bowing along with the current. I hope you enjoy this paddle down the Ichetucknee.


Spring near Devil’s Eye



Devil’s Eye Spring



The Ichetucknee















Looking up from Devil’s Den







The Ichetucknee


32 thoughts on “The Ichetucknee

  1. This is a beautiful post, wonderful pictures. I love paddling these small, undiscovered gems. When I was in grad school I spent a lot of time on Black Creek in southern Mississippi. although it wasn’t spring fed like the Ichetucknee, had nice cypresses, gravel and sand bars for camping, the occasional alligator, and most of all seclusion.

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  4. Wow! Trip down memory…spring! I tubed the Ichetucknee many times while attending Stetson University. I’m glad to see it’s still clear. We’d often see gators and turtles. Love your pics , especially turtle row.

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