Rainbow Springs, Florida


Rainbow Springs is one of the more popular springs, there’s a big swimming hole at the head spring, and boats all along the way. It took a little work to present the river in as close to its natural state as possible. The first evening I stayed on shore and twisted the polarizer just enough to reveal the eel grass. RBT_8553-Edit


The turquoise waters were mesmerizing.



These images were made about 15 minutes from the head spring. RBT_8607-Edit

I found a tributary and decided to paddle up it. There was sign that said it was private property, not to trespass. I wasn’t happy. I know there’s got to be a beautiful head spring at the end of this run. I didn’t need any trouble with the lawman, but I did come up with a good stanza to that well known song by Woodie Guthrie.

As I went paddling, I saw a tributary,
As I walked up it a sign said “No Trespassing.”
But on the other side it didn’t say nothing,
That side was made for you and me.


I stayed and watched the evening come. There was evening, and there was morning, and it was good. RBT_8727-Edit-2




18 thoughts on “Rainbow Springs, Florida

  1. Ha ha…love your song version! Beautiful shot of the eel grass! I loved the bald eagle, too. I saw my first one about a month ago…some things are worth the wait. 🙂

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