The Local Spot

All photographers need one. We all need that one local spot not far from the house where we can return time and again, under different conditions, to make a photograph. I found this little spur road just north of Scottsmoor, Florida where I was working for the winter. I’d get there on a weekday night or morning, sometimes to photograph, and when the light wasn’t great just to walk the road and clear my head from the day or watch the morning come. RBT_6614-Edit-2











Stay tuned for more next week…


15 thoughts on “The Local Spot

  1. Russ,

    I had found this as well when I was at Scottsmoor, pretty positive this is just north on 1 past a small bridge, turn into the right. Maybe 5 minutes from Base. Hope you are enjoying the dramatic difference in Alaska. Chris

  2. I haven’t found one close to me yet but I used to have one in California. It’s Ed Levin county park. Rolling hills, a short hike up the hills and you can see the Bay Area from San Francisco to Morgan Hill on a clear day. Also a favorite spot for hang gliders. It was the perfect place to go to when life had one of its overwhelming moments. You couldn’t help but get that “king of the mountain” feeling…very peaceful and serene.

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