From Alabama to Alaska

I didn’t realize I’d have service in King Salmon, Alaska, but I do, so I’ll start sharing the journey to Alaska. It actually started in Florida, but after visiting friends in the southeast I started the long drive from Alabama, and it made for a better title anyway. So here are images from the first leg of the journey.


A barn in north Alabama


Chimney from an old home in north Alabama

It’s too bad I didn’t make a photograph the next morning when I left Kansas City, the sun was rising while the full moon was setting and you could see both across the city. It was a gorgeous morning.


An old barn in South Dakota


This time I made a quick stop into Wall Drug, almost a right of passage for those traveling west


A highlight of the Badlands was seeing some big horn sheep


Bighorn sheep in Badlands National Park


The Badlands


The Badlands


Crow Country, Montana


One Main Street, Lavina, Montana


Waking up in the morning, just across the Canadian border


Moon setting over the Canadian Rockies


The Canadians, even their barns are friendly


Canadian pride

The first three days of the journey took me from Alabama and into Canada. Next we’ll take the journey through Banff and Jasper National Park.


16 thoughts on “From Alabama to Alaska

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  2. I love the photo of the barn through the pecan (?) trees. I have been to the Northwest and the Canadian Rockies. You photos bring back great memories and I look forward to more. Safe travels, Russ.

  3. You have taken a drive that I have always dreamed about doing one day. Am I too greedy begging for more photos from the US segment? If I ever wanted to put my desire for the great American road trip into a picture, I’d choose the one you took in Montana. Reminds me a bit of Marfa, too.

    • This trip across America was way to fast, so I don’t have a lot more imagery from the lower 48. However, if you look in the archives from last summer you’ll find images from an epic roadtrip I took across America on my way to Yellowstone.

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