The Alaska Highway – Watson Lake to Whitehorse

By the time I reached Watson Lake, though it was still early in the day, I was exhausted. I’d put in a lot of miles on little rest and Whitehorse was still 322 miles away. I decided to take an afternoon of rest. Darleen at the Big Horn Hotel was more than happy to assure me that I’d made a good decision, I was on the leading edge of the tourist season. A good hot shower and a meal at Kathy’s Restaurant put any doubts to rest. I walked around town and made a few images for the sake of documentation.



The Signpost Forest



Darleen at the Big Horn Hotel

While I rested that night, the storm caught up with me. But with good tread on the tires and four wheel drive I was good to go.


Until I stopped at this rest area when the tire pressure indicator came on. I was losing air fast, but with 20-30 miles left to Teslin, I decided to roll on with what little air I had left.


I was just able to roll into town with little more than some rubber on a rim. In the process I met a local man named Ed who had a big heart and gave me an assist. I got the tire changed and was back on the road.




Finally, I’d made it to Whitehorse, another town that holds almost mythic status for me. RBT_1788

A place where you find magazines like this in your hotel. RBT_1798

And views of the mountains from the window. RBT_1800-Edit

That evening I met some of the locals who shared stories of the town. RBT_1803-Edit.jpg


About ten o’clock that night I visited the Yukon River. Jack London would be proud. RBT_1820-Edit

After repairing the tire at a local shop, and changing the oil on the truck, I left Whitehorse, vowing to myself to come back and explore the area a little deeper. For now, I was anxious to move onto Alaska. RBT_1824-Edit


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