Whitehorse to Alaska…The Alaska Highway

I had no idea what awaited me as I drove away from Whitehorse. It was one stunning mountain range after another. Is this place even real? RBT_1839-Edit.RBT_1840-Edit.RBT_1844-Edit.RBT_1859-Edit.RBT_1862-EditBy the time I got to Haines Junction, I wondered if I’d ever make it to Alaska. I was stopping every few miles to make another photograph. It was just beyond belief. RBT_1869-EditI saw a bunch of dall sheep along the way, but I’d already stopped so much I just made a quick shot and drove on. RBT_1932-Edit.RBT_1943-Edit

Once I crossed the Donjek River, I knew I was getting close to Alaska. RBT_1966-Edit

.RBT_1988-Edit.RBT_1992-Edit.RBT_1993-Edit.RBT_1995-EditI told the man at the border it was my first trip to Alaska and he walked my passport back into the office and came back with this stamp. Perfect, he even put it on the page with a bear eating a salmon. This summer in Katmai seemed more and more ordained from the beginning. RBT_2005-Edit

The day grew long, I soon rolled into Tuk, and then found a place to bivvy for the night. RBT_2010-Edit.RBT_2016-EditI was awakened by a semi rolling by about 1:45am and took a hopeful look out the window. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was my first glimpse of the northern lights! I rushed out of the truck, grabbed my tripod and set it up in time to get a few shots. I was about as excited as a nine year old on Christmas morning. This was my official welcome to Alaska. RBT_2035-Edit.RBT_2042-Edit.RBT_2049-Edit


21 thoughts on “Whitehorse to Alaska…The Alaska Highway

  1. “Is this place even real?” exactly my question. Majestic snowy mountains as far as the eyes can see, and the otherworldly northern lights! You will never forget this welcome for the rest of your life, I believe.

  2. Russ I am Melissa hills father and want to thank you for chronicaling your adventure in picture and words so well , it has moved driving the Alaska highway to the top of my bucket list may you continue to chase your dreams thank you thank you

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