White Boots

This photograph was featured in a post on Alabama vs. Notre Dame, but I thought it stood out in its own right, especially after making another white photograph this past Sunday. Also, this features my new watermark, which I decided to institute after the recent thievery. I hope it’s not too distracting.

white boots

white boots


4 thoughts on “White Boots

    • Thanks. I created the watermark in Lightroom 4. It was quite easy. When you click “export” there is a watermark link where you can type in whatever you’d like, decide where on the photo to place it, and it’s opaqueness, etc.

  1. The bottom half of our bodies is often more interesting than the top. We worry about what people see at the top. It’s kinda cool to see.

    • Thanks. I lived in Asia for 6 years and they place a lot of importance, and make judgements about people, based on their feet. So I like go get that perspective from time to time…

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