Wall Art in Tel Aviv

Walking the streets of Tel Aviv looking for scenes to photograph, I’d stop and shoot interesting street art. When possible I waited a few moments at the scene to add a human element, and in one photograph the guy walking past became part of the artwork, it seemed to me. I think you can gain a bit of cultural insight by studying what people paint on the walls. What does the artwork tell you?


21 thoughts on “Wall Art in Tel Aviv

    • Hey Ruth, appreciate that. I wasn’t sure about the last one initially, but a friend was helping me edit one day and was like, you’ve got to include it. I’m glad you liked it.

  1. “Even Walls Have Ears” the walls hear the upheavals of her people. That’s it. or I can interpret them in reverse:” Freedom Walls” where people express their feelings towards their country. So wonderful work..I love it.

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