Alaska Hwy to Glen Hwy to Anchorage

We left off with the night under the Northern Lights and that’s where we’ll pick up the story. RBT_2055-Edit.RBT_2058-EditI awoke around 5:30am the next day and watched first light hit the mountains just outside of Tok, Alaska. I drove to Delta Junction, where the Alaska Highway officially ends, and then took the Glen Highway onto Anchorage. There were some great views of Wrangell-St. Elias along the way. RBT_2065-Edit-2.RBT_2076-Edit.RBT_2086-Edit.RBT_2090-Edit.RBT_2097-Edit.RBT_2104Like the sun, the moon lingered in the sky for a long time.RBT_2134-Edit.RBT_2141-Edit.RBT_2157-Edit.RBT_2179.RBT_2183.RBT_2189-Edit.RBT_2227-Edit.RBT_2230-Edit.RBT_2239-EditThe approach to Anchorage. RBT_2286.RBT_2299.RBT_2308-EditAnd finally, the Gulf of Alaska, where this epic roadtrip would come to an official end. RBT_2310-Edit


27 thoughts on “Alaska Hwy to Glen Hwy to Anchorage

  1. You have a great summer too!!! Can’t wait to see what your lens sees…

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  2. Those pictures are a stunning example of God’s creation! Thank you for sharing with us! Have a great summer!!!

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  4. Wow! Those are the journeys where you – as a photographer – have to stop after every turn, get of the car to let the landscape in and take pictures. They are great!

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